Red Bull ‘suspects three things caused’ Verstappen’s penalty row

Red Bull’s minor breach of the budget cap for the 2021 season has caused confusion in the Formula 1 paddock, with conflicting reports related to the reasons for exceeding the allocated amount. Reports had suggested that the salary of Adrian Newey, the team’s manager, had been a contributing factor in his overspending, but the team believes a different area of ​​their budget is responsible.

The FIA ​​announced in early October that Red Bull had incurred a “minor” breach of the £114m limit, which could include financial penalties or even a potential points deduction, which could prove crucial to Max Verstappen’s hopes of winning. maintain control. his 2021 title.

And as the two sides seek to find a resolution on the outcome of their punishment, the Constructors’ Championship leaders are increasingly ‘irritated’ in their discussions with the governing body.

One of the issues believed to have caused disagreement is Adrian Newey’s role in the Red Bull organization. Newey is employed by the team as the man tasked with overseeing their car design and is credited with building the RB18, the team’s most successful car in its 17-season history.

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The team is still awaiting word on the outcome of their suspension after the Milton Keynes-based outfit said it was “shocked and disappointed” by the FIA’s verdict that they had breached the £114m budget limit at 2 million pounds sterling.

A statement from Red Bull said: “Our 2021 submission was below the cost cap so we need to carefully review the FIA’s findings as we believe the relevant costs are below the 2021 cost cap.

There is no timetable on when the FIA ​​will release the details of Red Bull’s punishment, but it is understood that team principal Christian Horner will seek further talks at the United States Grand Prix this weekend.

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