Quentin Tarantino criticizes the Indiana Jones movie as worse than Crystal Skull

Speaking to The Sun Sentinal, Spielberg said of the second film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: “I wasn’t happy with Temple of Doom at all. It was too dark, too underground, and too horrible. I thought it beat Poltergeist. There isn’t an ounce of my own personal feeling in Temple of Doom. The danger of making a sequel is that you can never satisfy everyone.”

However, on why he thinks it’s the best Indiana Jones movie, Tarantino said: “[Spielberg] he was full of piss and caliber, okay, in the case of Jaws and Close Encounters, now he thinks he could do no wrong, he pushes the envelope, he creates PG-13! The movie is so fucking badass that it created a new level in the MPAA! Something that Brian De Palma has never been able to do as much as he has tried!

The Pulp Fiction director even thinks it’s Spielberg’s second-best movie after one he thinks is the best movie ever made.

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