Project Wolf Hunting review: Violent Korean thriller will get you

Project Wolf Hunting is a brash, darkly funny, heartbreakingly violent B-movie that doesn’t take its foot off your throat for a second. The setting is a 58,000-ton freighter traveling between the Philippines and South Korea.

For the first half hour, it looks like most of the action will involve the dirty dozen Korean murderers, serial killers, and rapists who are being transported back to their home country under an extradition treaty.

But, unknown to the cops, crew, and criminals on board, something even more sinister lurks in the engine room.

Flashbacks reveal a secret Japanese experiment conducted during the occupation of Korea. And this dark secret will come back to haunt the passengers in ever more gruesome ways.

What starts out as a Korean Con-Air will become a K-movie Alien as a monster goes on a rampage, limbs ripped off and heads smashed like melons.

When the violence becomes repetitive, we get another twist, a conspiracy, and the rise of a surprise hero. After a heady two hours, viewers with strong stomachs will be left wanting more.

  • Project Wolf Hunting, Cert 18, now in theaters

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