Priscilla Presley Slams Claim She Gave Elvis’ Possessions Away

Priscilla Presley was divorced from Elvis Presley for nearly 50 years, but the couple who shared the late Lisa Marie stayed together through The King’s final years. The 77-year-old woman has a collection of personal items owned by her late husband and Bam Margera claimed she and her son gave him one of Elvis’ rings and robes. The Jackass star said she would pass the robe on to her Elvis fan father and gift the ring to Yelawolf “the new king of Rock ‘n Roll.”

Bam and Priscilla had lunch together last week, and Elvis’ ex-wife claimed that their son Navarone Garibaldi Garcia had him as a “new friend,” without knowing who he was.

She told TMZ that Bam had “betrayed not only her, but also her son Navarone Garcia, by falsely claiming that she gave him a couple of Elvis’ personal items and filming at his home without his consent… He came , talked non-stop about his new adventures and personal struggles and asked for a picture with me for his father, who is a huge fan.”

Bam wrote on his social networks: “I want to apologize to @priscillapresley and Navarone Presley for my behavior. I’m so sorry and embarrassed, and I can’t apologize enough for acting like a jerk. Navarone gave me a robe and a ring that I gave to Phil to be part of Phil’s Elvis stuff. I’m getting Navarone a $10,000 Heartagram necklace because I love their band @themguns in hopes of recording and touring. I’m sorry.”

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