PlayStation vs Xbox: Sony admits defeat to Microsoft in key battle

Sony has acknowledged that its new tier-based PlayStation Plus subscription service lags far behind Xbox Game Pass. Sony and Microsoft are currently embroiled in a legal battle related to the latter’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. In documents published by the Competition and Markets Authority, Sony has revealed some interesting information about Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service.

as seen by @EverbornSagaSony claims that Microsoft’s Game Pass service has amassed an impressive 29 million subscribers.

Sony says that Game Pass leads PlayStation Plus “significantly” and that it expects Microsoft’s service to grow “substantially” in the future.

“Game Pass significantly leads PlayStation Plus,” the Sony statement read. “Microsoft already has a substantial advantage in multi-game subscription services.

“Game Pass has 29 million Xbox Game Pass Console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and is expected to grow substantially in the future. PlayStation Plus multi-game subscription tiers lag significantly behind with less than [redacted] the number of subscribers”.

However, Microsoft refutes the claims in its own statement to the Competition and Markets Authority. Microsoft argues that PlayStation Plus is bigger than Game Pass, both in terms of numbers and revenue.

“Even just looking at multi-game subscription services, it’s Sony’s PlayStation Plus, which is bigger than Game Pass (both in terms of subscriber numbers and revenue),” Microsoft argues.

“Sony has by far the largest subscriber base of any multi-game subscription service and Sony markets itself as ‘built the world’s largest game subscription service’.

Judging by the feedback, PlayStation Plus Essential is likely to be ahead of Game Pass, but the Premium and Extra tiers are falling behind.

Sony launched its new tier-based subscription service earlier this year. Standard tier subscribers receive free games every month, cloud saves, and can play online multiplayer.

Higher tiers add features like quiz play and game streaming, plus a catalog of modern and classic games.

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