PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra games for January and a BIG discount

Sony is about to reveal the next batch of PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra games. Sony will introduce the new PS Plus releases at 4:30pm GMT on January 11. The games will be available to download and stream later this month. Fans can expect a dozen games to join the lineup, along with a retro game or two as part of the Premium tier. Express Online will update this article once the full lineup of games is announced.

If you’re not already a PS Plus subscriber, or looking to upgrade your membership from Essential to Extra and/or Premium, now is the perfect time to sign up.

As part of Sony’s New Year’s sale for 2023, PlayStation users can get a PS Plus subscription for a reduced price.

“Join now and save up to 40%,” Sony explains. “Subscribe to PlayStation Plus Premium or Extra on a 12 or 3 month plan and save a whopping 40% on access to hundreds of great games from the game catalog.”

Three months of PS Plus Premium is currently available for £27.99, while a 12-month membership costs £65.99.

Three months of PS Plus Extra, on the other hand, is available for £19.99, compared to 12 months for £49.99.

If you’ve already subscribed to the basic level of PlayStation Plus Essential, Sony offers discounts to upgrade based on the length of your current offer.

It’s worth noting that the offer ends on January 13, so you don’t have much time to take advantage.

PS Plus Extra gives subscribers access to a host of PS4 and PS5 games, including Returnal, Demon’s Souls, LittleBigPlanet 3, Death Stranding, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

There are even more benefits available in PS Plus Premium, most notably the Classics Catalog, which features old-school PSOne and PS3 titles.

The classics catalog contains titles like Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Ridge Racer 2, Tekken 2 and Ape Escape.

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