Pink Floyd fans rage over the band’s ‘awakening’, but there’s a mistake

Pink Floyd surprised their fans this month with a cryptic post on their social media accounts. They revealed a new triangular logo with a 50 stamped inside. However, fans were quick to notice how the circle of the 50 motif was filled with a rainbow, and they weren’t happy.

However, on closer inspection of the band’s post, it quickly becomes clear that Pink Floyd was preparing to celebrate an anniversary.

March 16, 2023 marks 50 years since the release of their legendary eighth album The Dark Side of the Moon.

Fans may remember that the album cover featured a ray of light entering a prism before splitting into a rainbow. Therefore, the rainbow in the new 50 logo is not a reference to the queer community, but rather a reference to their own album art.

Other Pink Floyd fans were quick to notice this and started pointing it out.

One wrote: “‘We don’t need no education’ has been taken too seriously here”, (sic) referencing the band’s hit song Another Brick in the Wall.

Another quipped, “Wait until these people find out what the lyrics to Rage Against the Machine are about.” (sic)

This is one of the first times the band has been active since last year when they released a special charity single titled Hey Hey Rise Up.

The track was released to raise money for humanitarian charities supporting those affected by the Russian-Ukrainian War. They won a staggering £500,000 for charities.


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