Peter Pan and Wendy Trailer Leaves Disney Fans Furious Over Casting

Disney fans were delighted when they learned that Peter Pan would have a remake in the coming months, titled Peter Pan & Wendy, but things turned sour. Some enraged Peter Panatics have sounded off on Twitter about how much they don’t like the casting of the new movie. Notably, Peter is being played by young Brit Alexander Molony, and the fairy, Tinkerbell, is being played by Yara Shahidi. Both actors are people of color in roles previously played by white actors.

Twitter user Melanie wrote on the social media site: “but Tinker Bell’s iconic look is literally the blonde hair and blue eyes. Nothing wrong with loose representation but why keep changing the crap you It already has a basic look.” (sic)

Alex agreed: “Disney couldn’t care less about making new stories with Poc characters, they just put Poc PPL to play white characters, and that shows 1) how lazy Disney is 2) how racist this is, it’s like they don’t.” I think few people deserve their own stories (besides 3 animated movies?)” (sic)

The upcoming adaptation also includes some girls in Peter Pan’s team, the Lost Boys. This has unleashed its own fury from some fans who would have preferred the original intent of Lost Boys to remain intact.

One wrote: “Wendy and Tinker Bell’s goal was to include girls in the appeal of Peter Pan. Losing ‘boys’ to girls is just stupid… Girls were already included in this world.”

With that being said, there are plenty of fans who are excited to see the movie when it hits Disney Plus next month.

One wrote: “Legitimate Peter Pan and Wendy look good. I remember there was a live action version from 2003 that I watched as a kid and loved it.

And Jason Isaac as Hook was great. If he’s as good as that version, I can’t wait.” (sic)

Another agreed: “I’m super excited for the new Peter Pan and Wendy movie, and I don’t give a shit that Tink is being played by a black actress. I really hope Yara Shahidi knocks it out of the park.” For all the haters out there.” (sic)

Other fans talked about the change when referring to the 1991 Peter Pan sequel, Hook.

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Steven Spielberg’s film bucked the trend for the Peter Pan story with a much older Peter with children, played by Robin Williams.

Fans pointed out that Julia Roberts played Tinkerbell and was not blonde with blue eyes. Instead, the brown-eyed superstar sported her natural brown hair in a pixie cut.

Peter Pan & Wendy director David Lowery is best known for bringing movies like Pete’s Dragon, A Ghost Story, and The Green Knight to the big screen.

But he recently explained that Peter Pan & Wendy will be his “grown-up movie” he’s ever made.

While the image was still being filmed, Lowery said collider: “I think that, speaking personally, it is what I have liked the most of all the ones I have done, which I did not expect when I entered it, but it is. I have never fallen so much in love with a film as with this one. We have a couple of weeks and I love this movie. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever done.”

He added: “It’s, ironically, the most adult movie I’ve ever made. I started out thinking my entry into this movie was that I had a classic case of Peter Pan syndrome. I don’t want to grow up. Who does? And I thought that’s the right thing to do.” that was going to appeal to me, but in making it, in writing it, and now in directing it and seeing it come to life, I realized that this is a movie about letting go of that. Whether that’s good or bad, I haven’t processed it yet, but It’s the first movie I’ve ever made from an adult perspective, if that makes any sense.”

Peter Pan & Wendy arrives on Disney Plus on April 28, 2023.

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