Peter Kay adds even more tour dates: ‘I’m impressed, thank you’

Earlier this month, Peter Kay announced a long-awaited return to stand-up comedy with a slew of UK tour dates, including a year-long residency at London’s O2, with a show once a month. . However, some fans are having a hard time getting tickets due to demand, with many reporting having a message on the Ticketmaster website telling them that there were more than 200,000 people ahead of them in the virtual queue.

The website tweeted: “As expected Peter Kay is super popular this morning. To make it as fair as possible we’ve queued everyone up. Be patient and don’t update or you’ll lose your spot.”

However, Kay has now announced that additional dates have been added to his tour, with more nights at The O2 and additional dates in Sheffield and Birmingham as well. In fact, there are now at least 23 dates in Manchester. The comedian’s tour now runs from a few weeks to 2025.

Ticketmaster UK tweeted this morning: “Wow, great demand for Peter Kay this morning. We’ve added more dates: Birmingham Utilita Arena: 15th November, 6th December 2024, London: 24th February, 23rd March, 20th April, May 4, 2024, Manchester: August 23 and 24, October 18 and 19, November 1 and 2, 2024.”

Tickets can be purchased here.

On Thursday, SJM Concerts issued a statement apologizing for the technical issues and reassuring fans that for today’s general sale “there will be plenty of tickets available throughout the day, so please persevere.”

What’s particularly exciting for this tour is that some of the tickets will be as cheap as £35. Kay announced in a statement: “It’s nice to get back to what I love to do the most, stand-up comedy and if there’s ever a time when people need a laugh is now. And with the cost of living at an all-time high, ticket prices start from £35. The same price they were on my previous tour in 2010.”

In response to the high demand, the comedian tweeted today: “THANK YOU!! Absolutely blown away by the ticket sales so far, especially since some of the shows aren’t starting for quite a while yet. But don’t worry, we’ll have a laugh.” when we’re all together. Lots of love, Peter. PS: Matt Hancock IS a real b**le*d.”

More dates for Peter Kay’s 2022-24 tour continue to be added and tickets can be purchased here.

Check out the originally announced tour dates here.

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