Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Ferry Bar plans may be sinking further – Nicki Swift

On November 10, 2022, a source close to Pete Davidson spoke about his concerns regarding his dream of turning a Staten Island ferry into an entertainment venue. “This is an extremely expensive undertaking…” the informant told the US Sol, adding that “they are considering several million dollars that should be invested in the project.” The source added that in addition to eliminating the dangers of asbestos and cockroaches, it takes a lot of responsibility to renovate the ship and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The informant said that the coupling will also be expensive.

Colin Jost, co-owner of the boat with Davidson, spoke about the many responsibilities in “Late night with Seth Meyers” in September 2022. “Financially it’s going very well,” he joked. “We’re printing money. It’s our own money, it’s ferry tickets. We’re printing it, desperately hoping a dock will accept it as payment.”

But joking aside, Cortney Worrell, president and CEO of the Waterfront Alliance, has already addressed the concerns the source raised, such as finding a good place to dock, ADA requirements, and other environmental factors. “None of this is impossible, but it is necessary,” she told the US sun in March 2022, mentioning that the three investors have the money. The head of the organization said five years is an “optimistic target” for the ferry to be open to the public.

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