Paulina Gretzky has a long history with Kid Rock

It should probably come as no surprise that as Wayne Gretzky’s eldest daughter, Paulina Gretzky, she grew up surrounded by celebrities. Case in point: rock and roll star Kid Rock.

“My mom and dad have been friends with Kid for a long time,” Gretzky revealed to golf summary in 2014. Eventually, however, Kid Rock also became close friends with Paulina and her now-husband, Dustin Johnson. “My dad finally introduced Dustin to Kid because Kid said he didn’t have anyone to hang out with on Jupiter. Finally, he and Dustin got to play golf together, and now Kid is totally on this golf train,” he explained. the. “He just loves golf,” Gretzky said of the “Bawitdaba” singer’s new hobby.

But golf isn’t the only way celebrity friends have bonded. Paulina and Johnson also like to attend Kid Rock concerts. “Great night seeing our friend Kid @ Sunfest with my babe @paulinagretzky,” Johnson wrote on Instagram in 2014 along with a Photo of the loving couple while Kid Rock performed in the background.

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