Paul McCartney’s fears over the Beatles’ ‘breakup’ song

The Beatles broke up in 1970 after just over ten years together. Once each of the Fab Four went their separate ways, they all began working on solo music. But almost 50 years later, one of Paul McCartney’s songs left fans thinking he had written a brutal song about the end of the band’s journey.

The end of The Beatles was a turbulent time for the Fab Four. Their bitter arguments had erupted to the point where the arguments ruled their relationships. Eventually, they all made up and became friends again, but at the time there was a lot of resentment between the best friends.

So when McCartney wrote his song Confidant, he knew people would be wrong. Confidante was included on McCartney’s eighteenth solo album, Egypt Station, which hit stores on September 17, 2018. He argued that his song was actually written about his oldest friend: the guitar. of the.

McCartney knew that despite this metaphor, however, his listeners would think he was actually making a joke about The Beatles and their final discontent.

“The song begins with: ‘You used to be my confidant,'” Macca wrote in his book The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present. “But when you get to the end, it’s: ‘But I fell in love with you / And I ended our romance.'”

He continued: “What I like is that you write lyrics and it suggests different things to different people. I don’t think I was thinking of ending my relationship with the object of the song, the guitar, but I like to use language that can be interpreted. in different ways and allows people to attach their own meaning to a letter.

However, because of this, McCartney was well aware of how his lyrics could be misinterpreted.

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McCartney admitted: “For many listeners, this line in the song could naturally reflect the end of a relationship. At the time I thought, ‘Oh, people are going to think this is The Beatles breakup. About my guitar standing at my side”. when my bandmates didn’t.'” (sic)

He added: “And I guess in the back of my mind that was true, and more or less what I was thinking.”

Going on to further explain his metaphor, he added: “At that moment, when you’re alone, the guitar is your confidant. You cradle her. She also looks like a woman. under the ladder friend.’” He explained that the song’s lyrics added that he was very grateful to have the guitar as a friend during difficult times.

McCartney said, “I just liked the idea that with this guitar I could tell them how grateful I was to have a confidant who could accompany me on faraway journeys. That’s how I feel about a guitar.”

Although The Beatles eventually reconciled after their split, McCartney was reportedly furious when the news broke. He apparently went “completely out of control” and started shaking his finger at Ringo Starr as he yelled, “I’m going to finish you all off! You’ll pay!”


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