Paul McCartney on the intimate way he wrote Beatles songs with John Lennon

It is well known that The Beatles are the most successful music artists of all time, even pushing their hero and massive influence Elvis Presley into second place. However, much of this is due to John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s unsurpassed songwriting partnership. From their credited Lennon-McCartney joint work in the 1960s, they released around 180 songs and have since sold more than 600 million records worldwide.

Much has been written about the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership over the years and the incredible creative ability of the two stars.

From time to time they have admitted that they just came up with some of their hits, but there was a special method they used when they got down to it. Around the re-release of his 1980s solo album Flowers in the Dirt, Macca spoke about this.

Speaking to the BBC earlier, the star was asked if he and Lennon wrote The Beatles’ songs face-to-face, with two acoustics playing side by side.

McCartney added: “I know I could never have a better collaborator than John. That’s just a fact. So I’m not trying to escape. I just know there’s no way I’m going to find someone now who’s going to write better stuff with me than I wrote with John.”

Even when working on his final solo album, McCartney III, Macca would stop and consider what Lennon’s take on different parts of his work would be.


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