Paul McCartney issued apology for ‘animal cruelty’ ahead of activism

Paul McCartney found himself regretting his actions as a child after reflecting on the damage he had done. The Beatles star was born and raised in Liverpool, England, and before he became a global phenomenon, he was just another normal kid from the city. That meant he dreamed of joining the army, but he couldn’t bear the thought of killing something. As a result, he decided to train himself.

McCartney looked back on 2018: “We used to live in a housing estate called Speke, in Liverpool, just a million houses, right on the edge of the woods and deep field. So I did a lot of it, I went out in all of it. But I was well aware that I would soon be joining the Army because all of us were called up for National Service.”

Despite being 12 years old, McCartney was very worried about what he would have to do in the army.

He told GQ: “The only thing I thought is, ‘I can’t kill anything, what am I going to do? Take a bayonet and hurt someone? Do I have to kill someone? Shit, I’ve got to think about that. How do I do that?'”

To prepare for what was to come, he admitted, “So I ended up killing frogs.”

McCartney continued: “I do look for rational explanations. I think, you know, kids are cruel. Kids swing cats. I was from Liverpool, you do that kind of shit. It’s silly, it’s mean, it’s awful.” , but you do that kind of shit.” He added: “I used to go out in the woods and I killed a bunch of frogs and put them on a barbed wire fence. It was like a weird thing that I hated to do, but I thought, ‘I’m getting tougher.'”

McCartney later admitted that he was ashamed of his violent acts. As a result, he decided to return to the scene of the crime and make amends for what he had done.

“I made a decision one day in the woods,” he recalled. “National service or not, I’ll stop this.”

He revealed: “I saw the madness and I apologize to all the frogs.”

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McCartney, now 80, later said: “I still try to block that out. Because I’m devoted to animal welfare now, I wouldn’t swing a fly.” However, he added: “[I] rescue flies. but the mosquitoes [I] will kill, because they are attacking me. So, you know, I have my parameters.” (sic)

The star grew up eating meat and continued to do so while traveling the world with The Beatles. She once recalled: “I’d go to America and eat the biggest steaks in the world. So big I’d have to give half away. Or I’d have chicken kyiv with all the butter oozing out. That was great.”

But in the 1970s, McCartney met his wife, Linda, and soon after they both decided to give up meat for good.

McCartney recalled sitting down with a roast dinner and looking out his window to see lambs roaming his property. Instantly, something changed for both of them.

McCartney said, “It was like we dropped the penny. The lightbulb went on. We thought we might as well give this up.”

As a result, McCartney and his wife started a line of vegetarian food products. He has since stated that he has not eaten meat since 1975.

Since then, she has also been featured in many PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaigns.



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