Overwatch 2 Patch Notes: What’s New in the Halloween Terror Update

Overwatch 2’s first big in-game event is finally here, as Halloween Terror debuts on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Halloween Terror adds Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride co-op gameplay, as well as a host of enchanted skins, items, and more. Needless to say, the release of a new event coincides with the release of a new update which, according to the patch notes, makes a number of bug fixes and tweaks to the game. You can see the patch notes below.

Bug fix in Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror update…


• Fixed an issue where players would retain 30% of max charge between rounds on control maps.

• Fixed an issue with checkpoint maps not always transitioning correctly into overtime.

• Fixed the ‘vs.’ the screen does not appear in Competitive

• Fixed an issue where players were unable to invite others to a custom game by clicking on an empty spectator slot.

• Fixed an issue with text chat not being available for gamepad users on PC

• Using Pause Match in Custom Game will no longer disable other menu buttons

• Fixed an issue with Kill Cams not playing properly during overtime

• Players should no longer be able to get stuck under TS-1 in Push game mode

Fixed an issue with controllers not being able to scroll in some UI


• Colosseum

– Changed the umbrellas and tables in the front spawn cafe to make it easier to move around.

– Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on umbrellas in the front spawn cafe.


– Fixed some areas where players could get stuck.

• Junker City

– Resolved a performance issue with some boats placed on the map


• Ashe

– Fixed an issue with the ‘Little Red’ skin and ‘Line Dance’ emote performing a broken animation

• Bastion

– Bastion has been added back to the lineup.

– Resolved an issue with Bastion Setup: Artillery where you could fire more than the three allotted charges

– Bastion’s weapon should no longer disappear when using Setup: Artillery

• Queen Junker

– Serrated Blade should no longer be deflected or returned by friendly abilities

• Church

– ‘Tanpopo’ skin can now be bought and equipped

– Kiriko’s heroic pose is now unlocked

– Fixed an issue with Swift Step not removing negative side effects consistently

– Fixed an issue with Kitsune Rush not properly reducing Baptiste’s Field of Immortality cooldown

• Mey

– Fixed a bug where Mei’s visual effects would stop playing during the match.

• Mercy

– Resolved an issue with Mercy’s main firing animation after switching weapons.

• Reinhardt

– Changed the location of Reinhardt’s amulets.

• Pork on the way

– Fixed an issue where Roadhog’s chain hook was failing to land the target when it should have hit

– Fixed an issue with Roadhog’s quick melee animation not playing correctly.

• Symmetra

– Symmetra should no longer be able to use her ultimate and set up her teleporter at the same time

• Torbjörn

– Torbjörn has been added back to competitive play.

– Overcharge can no longer be used multiple times in a row

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