No Man’s Sky Fractal Patch Notes: Big Changes for Switch and PSVR 2

Hello Games has released another major update for the space exploration game No Man’s Sky. The No Man’s Sky Fractal update adds new content to the game as well as quality of life improvements across all platforms. This includes new motion controls for the Nintendo Switch, as well as full VR support for Sony’s new PSVR 2 device.

Hello Games explains further: “Releasing alongside the new PSVR2 hardware, No Man’s Sky is a more immersive virtual reality experience than ever before.

“Travellers can explore the universe in up to 4K resolution, pilot ships and operate Multi-Tools with the new ergonomic Sense controllers, and benefit from a host of gameplay and quality-of-life enhancements.”

According to the patch notes, building a base in VR is more intuitive than ever, giving players the ability to select placement options based on where they are looking.

Navigation and warp destination selection on the VR Galaxy Map has also been improved, and players can now travel through the center of the galaxy in VR.

On the other hand, the latest update introduces Utopia Expedition, which challenges players to rebuild the Bakkin system.

“The once prosperous Bakkin system has fallen into decay: trade routes stopped, the Space Station abandoned and rotted, intelligent life forms departed. Anomalous solar activity prevents crafting beyond the shelter of a base planetary.

“Fortunately, for everyone’s sake, the generous Utopia Foundation is coordinating a major rebuilding project. Join the team of communal housing, settler, and help make Bakkin beautiful and productive once again!”

Other updates include new color grading for HDR displays, dynamic scaling on PS5, and seamless transitions between deep space exploration and low-altitude flight.

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