Nicolas Cage stars in another ‘largely forgettable B-movie’ – review

In his first Western, Cage plays Colton Briggs, a cold-hearted, mustachioed, cold-hearted gun-for-hire who we meet as he guns down a vermin in front of the victim’s young son. After the camera pans to the boy’s glare, we fast-forward 20 years.

Briggs now runs a general store in Montana and now has a loving wife named Ruth (Kerry Knuppe) and a very serious 12-year-old daughter named Brooke (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). But stories of domestic happiness and the sale of flour are not the stuff of westerns.

We know the now-adult orphan will soon be back, forcing Briggs to saddle up and return to his untamed prime.

Thankfully, the movie offers a few small surprises before we get to the inevitable showdown with Noah Le Gros’ outlaw.

The biggest surprise is how quiet Cage is.

No yelling, just sparkling chemistry with his on-screen daughter who happens to be just as cold as her father.

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