Newsies at Troubadour Wembley Park Theater review

The newsboys were mostly homeless orphans who made their living selling newspapers on the streets of New York City. When newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer (Cameron Blakely) raises the cost of newspapers, the boys form a union and go on strike.

The Troubadour’s hangar-like interior transforms into a Bowery dwelling where the action erupts on stage as the athletic young cast members dance, sing, jump and perform circus stunts like a well-trained army.

Alan Menken and Jack Feldman’s songs range from the serviceable to the sublime (the aerial ballet/tap dance of ‘King of New York’ is exceptional), but it’s director Matt Cole’s breakneck choreography that sells the show.

Michael Ahomka-Lindsay, Matthew Duckett and Bronté Barbé as the journalist with a secret Katherine lead a great cast of performers with seemingly endless energy.

Newsies at Troubadour Wembley Park Theater until 19 February 2023 Tickets: teatrotrovador.com

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