Neil Patrick Harris’ confession about Nick Jonas comes back to haunt him

Open your mouth, insert your foot.

Neil Patrick Harris made an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” wayyy in 2015 and brought it all up, including her crush on ex-boy bandist-turned-soloist Nick Jonas…before he was of legal age, that is. The story goes that when asked by host Wendy Williams who her celebrity crush on her was during the show’s “Hot Seat” segment, Harris hesitated for a brief moment before replying with a definite “Nick Jonas.” Added Harris: “And he was really handsome before he allowed himself to think he was handsome. Which was a bit of a problem, you had to wait until he became, you know… 19, 20. You’re like, ‘What’s wrong? going on?'” YIKES.

According to the new York Mail, once the shorten started making its rounds on TikTok, many weren’t thrilled with the comment. “Neil is always doing something troublesome,” one user wrote. Meanwhile, another user wrote: “This is completely inappropriate.” Still, others remained firmly in Harris’s corner. “He said until 19/20, so he meant 18,” one user argued. To be determined whether or not Harris opts to issue a public apology for this particular scandal…

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