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What was your first television memory?

Black and white thunderbirds! You could tell the Tracy brothers by their colored sashes, but not when you were looking at black and white. Lady Penelope wore pink and rode in a pink Cadillac, but the clothes and the car were gray on my TV. It was a lovely show. I even remember the theme tune.

What was your first appearance on television?

First it was in 1963 on The Three Scampis but most remind me of being on The David Nixon Show that same year. I got my own series in 1968 which became a real launching pad for talent. I started with Mr. Rodney, Rodney Bewes. Then he went on to do The Likely Lads; and Mr. Derek, Derek Fowlds, who later played Sir Bernard Woolley in Yes Minister and Yes Prime. I also had Deryck Guyler, Mr Deryck, who was Norman Potter in Please Sir. He also played a washboard for Morecambe & Wise.

Who was your first TV crush?

The lovely Jan Hunt in Crackerjack. She was a ball of energy and still fizzy now. And also Anita Harris who had the best legs in the business. I met Kylie at Glastonbury and she was perfect as we are almost the same height.

What is your current favorite show?

Very much, I am a fox who loves the box, especially Ted Lasso, such a nice show.

What TV show would you take to a deserted island?

Breaking Bad, because it’s brilliantly done, one of the best box sets from the early days of binge-watching. I’d take Friends and Frasier if I could too. They are so well written. I have my dose of them every day.

What TV show would you like to put out of your misery?

I’ve had enough of I’m a celebrity. They lost me to the cruelty to the bugs. I’ve had enough.

TV’s guiltiest pleasure?

The Repair Shop! I love it! I often need repairs, I’ve been around since 1962! It is a charming spectacle. You can’t go wrong with that, the skills, the emotions. I’ve had many a good cry watching it. And Strictly Come Dancing is one of my all-time favorites.

What are you doing right now?

I just released a single, Boom Boom! It’s Christmas Again!, to raise money for Save The Children and Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice. If it gets to number one, I’ll run for number ten. And I’m in panto at the Theater Royal Windsor with Anita Harris. I hope the royals come back, the princes and princesses came before and they loved it.

  • ‘Boom! Boom! It’s Christmas Again’ by Basil Brush is now available. Sleeping Beauty is at the Theater Royal Windsor until January 8. For more information and tickets, see teatrorealwindsor.co.United Kingdom

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