Murray sparks partnership excitement with Raducanu as Brit endorses new event

Andy Murray has given his backing to a new mixed team event Down Under in January, where he could team up with Emma Raducanu. The £13 million ($15 million) United Cup will be held in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney as a high-profile warm-up event ahead of the Australian Open.

And the mixed competition, backed by the WTA and ATP, will aim to build on the huge popularity of Olympic events like triathlon, swimming and track and field, where men and women compete on the same teams.

Self-confessed “feminist” Murray broke ground by becoming the first top-tier male player to appoint a female coach at Amelie Mauresmo. And the Scot said: “I think it’s something that’s been missing from our calendar for a long time. I also love seeing men and women competing together on the same court. It is something that excites me a lot.

“I think we are the only kind of global sport where men and women compete in the same places at the same time in the biggest tournaments. And I think that is something really special about our sport and should be celebrated. So I think events like this will help bring all the governing bodies closer together and it will be a unique event for our sport.

“I’m sure all the players will be very passionate about competing for their countries and you’ll see the men and women working together and supporting each other at all times, which will be really cool.”

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“We think Britain will make the cut,” Farrow said. Serbia will qualify if Novak Djokovic can return to Australia. The Wimbledon champion was deported in January due to his anti-tax stance and faced a three-year ban from re-entering the country.

But speaking at The O2 in September, the world No. 7 said: “It’s not really in my hands at the moment. I look forward to receiving positive news soon.”

Farrow added: “Like all players, he would have to come in before November 7th and then we would have to see where the process ends up with regards to him coming back here. Obviously, there has been a lot of talk about the situation with Novak coming to Australia. That is a matter for him and the Federal Government.”

The Australian Open begins in Melbourne on January 16.

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