Miriam Margolyes confirms how much she was paid for Harry Potter

The veteran star constantly makes headlines for his outspoken views and salty language. She recently admitted that she delights in surprising people, saying, “I’m not very girly. I have a girly voice and I think it’s the contrast of saying ‘fuck face’ in a very sweet voice that draws people in.” She also noted that her colorful language and personality have helped her career, adding, “I’ve made a lot of money on it anyway, so I’m perfectly happy with it.”

And speaking of money, he quickly dispelled any notion that starring in multimillion-dollar blockbusters like the Harry Potter franchise was a lucrative gold mine.

Margolyes said, “I never made millions on Harry Potter. I think the main three or four people did and deserve it, but my character didn’t.”

In fact, the actress revealed, “I’ve only been to two and only got £60,000 for being Professor Sprout.” Which may sound pretty good for a few days’ work for most mere mortals, but Margolyes admitted she “complained” about the amount at the time. She has also candidly confessed that her films did not impress her much and that she “fell asleep” during both premieres.

The Veretana star played the rather insignificant Professor Sprout in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Over time, the actress admitted that she had come to appreciate that the benefits outweighed the ( relatively) small payment package. .

Margolyes said: “I’m not complaining. Now. I complained then, but it made me very famous.”

She previously said: “It made a huge difference in my career, making me more famous than I ever thought possible. Fans follow me on the street, people ask to have their pictures taken, selfies as they call them, standing next to the teacher Sprout. Even now, I have to print pictures to sign and send to my Harry Potter devotees.”

Despite the fact that the fans are predominantly young, Margolyes also confessed in the new interview: “I don’t like children very much.

“If they can talk, I can manage. I don’t like babies. Nobody likes screaming babies. I don’t have kids, but I like talking to smart kids, but if they’re just dumb…”


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