Melissa Joan Hart Sets The Record Straight About Rumored Feud With Lena Dunham – Nicki Swift

Melissa Joan Hart led to instagram to address the rumored feud, sharing a lengthy note addressing the claims posted by two me. Hart confirmed that he has no issues with Lena Dunham. In fact, Hart claims that he never met the director of “Catherine Called Birdy.”

“So I don’t normally pay attention to tabloid rumors but I’ve been asked by numerous friends about my ‘rivalry’ with @lenadunham and I’m really confused,” she wrote. “We don’t have ‘beef’ and, as far as I can remember, we haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting each other, let alone being close enough to warrant any time to talk drag queens.” She followed up her statement with a reminder to fans of her, telling them not to succumb to “flashy links” that spread unsubstantiated rumors. “I’m a fan of Lena’s work and everything she does to support women in our industry,” she continued, adding that she hoped the two could “share a latte one day.”

Dunham has yet to issue a response, but Hart’s fans and friends flooded the comments section with messages of support. “We know in our bones that this is all BS”, Molly Hagan wrote. Beth Broderick, who co-starred with her in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” also pointed out how random the rumor was. “Just reading it was absurd in the face of her,” she said. commented. “You never have a bad word to say about anyone. Ridiculous!”

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