Meet Catalyst, the first trans character in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 15 will launch on Tuesday, November 1 with the Eclipse update that adds the new Broken Moon map and the new Catalyst legend. The arrival of Catalyst is a historic moment for Apex Legends, as he is the first trans character in the game. And ahead of Catalyst’s Apex Games debut, a new trailer was revealed showcasing his abilities and playstyle.

Alongside the new trailer, the Apex Legends Twitter account wrote, “Hear that bell? It’s witching hour.

“Meet Catalyst, a defensive conjurer and legend who will do anything to protect her home.”

The trailer details the Passive, Tactical and Ultimate abilities of the ‘tech witch’.

If you’re wondering how Catalyst will play, here are details on her abilities…

Passive – Barricade: Gives Catalyst an additional button indicator on doors that strengthens them. Once activated, doors can only be opened and closed by Catalyst teammates. He helps the people on his team to crouch down.

Tactical – Piercing Tips: The catalyst throws ferrous fluid onto the ground which turns it into spikes. Enemies trying to pass through it are damaged and slowed. The ability can be cast quite far and works as a good defensive tactic.

Ultimate – Dark Veil: Another move that uses ferrofluid, this time Catalyst can raise a huge wall made of the jet-black liquid. Enemies can pass through the wall, but will be slowed and partially blinded. The wall also blocks some of the scanning technology that other legends have, making it a great tool for dividing up the battlefield.

If you’re wondering how to squad up with Catalyst, then she’s a legend to match with other defensive and mobility legends.

In terms of what else players can expect, EA said Catalyst is one of the most VFX-intensive characters to ever appear in Apex Legends.

While looking at her personality, the development team said that she is an introverted, goth, level-headed character who acts like an older sister to others.

In addition to being the first trans character in Apex Legends, Catalyst is also voiced by a trans VA and was co-developed with trans developers.

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