Max Verstappen hints at Sergio Pérez’s bad blood at Red Bull meeting

Max Verstappen has detailed what happened in a tense team meeting after an eventful Brazilian Grand Prix, where he defied orders from the Red Bull team to let Sergio Perez through. Verstappen’s career was previously ruined at the Brazilian Grand Prix when he collided with Lewis Hamilton in the opening laps before receiving a five-second penalty after he was found guilty.

The Dutchman had to fight his way back into the field with a late Safety Car helping his chances of making it. However, the Safety Car had the opposite effect on Pérez, who began to fall back on the medium compound as the Ferrari drivers and Fernando Alonso passed him.

Verstappen soon closed it out with a few laps remaining and Red Bull initially allowed the Dutchman to chase down Alonso and Charles Leclerc. But after Verstappen failed to pass any more drivers, Red Bull ordered the 2022 F1 champion to give Perez his place back to help him in his fight with Leclerc for second place in the championship.

It sparked furious radio messages among the Red Bull drivers as Verstappen launched into a brazen defensive argument about why he did what he did. Perez couldn’t understand it and suggested that Verstappen owed it to him for how he helped his teammate win the title in Abu Dhabi last year.

“It’s about who ends up ahead anyway. If you need help, I’m there.”

“But it’s good that we first talk about it now and clear up everything that was there and why I didn’t.”

While Verstappen declined to discuss his reasoning, it was all reported to stem from the Monaco Grand Prix when Perez crashed in qualifying.

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