Matthew Perry admits his past feelings for Jennifer Aniston weren’t mutual

Before finding fame, the cast of “Friends” experienced the hustle and bustle that all aspiring actors endure. Jennifer Aniston crashed through a series of flops before landing the role of Rachel Green. “She was a loser,” she said. People. Meanwhile, Matthew Perry’s life before “Friends” involved a lot of “winning.” The Canadian was a promising tennis player with a wicked serve and a killer backhand.

“He had incredible drive on the tennis court, and that translated into performance,” he said. The New York Times about trading the pitch for the camera. Perry’s “incredible drive” may have helped her TV career, but it didn’t help her love life. In her memoir (via page six), the star admits to meeting Aniston before her “Friends” days and falling head over heels. He once called her to share the news that he had landed two acting jobs.

However, Aniston was less than impressed and saw it as an excuse to try flirting with her again. “Clearly this made him think I liked him too much,” admits Perry. However, he continued to ask her out, even during the filming of “Friends”, but to no avail. Fortunately, when Aniston met her future husband-turned-ex, Brad Pitt, he was over her. Perry began dating Julia Roberts, who had been a guest star on “Friends.” in the episodepassed, then she ran, leaving Chandler wearing a thong in a bathroom stall. Oh good…

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