Matilda The Musical is a hair-raising explosion of nostalgia

Roald Dahl’s much-loved story returns to the screen this week with arguably the most sensational cast seen on film this year. With catchy melodies, dazzling choreography by an army of child actors, and stunning visual effects, Matilda the Musical is arguably the best stage-to-screen adaptation since Rent.

Matilda’s story has been told and retold countless times in the 34 years since it was published, and audiences wouldn’t be entirely out of line wondering if another one is really needed.

However, under the direction of Tim Minchin, Dennis Kelly, and Matthew Warchus, the story is taken to spooky new heights with a touch of some extra-beautiful detail only seen on stage before.

Before heading to theaters, one thing audiences need to understand is that Matilda the Musical is not an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book.

Somewhat confusing, it’s more of an adaptation of the award-winning stage musical than it is an adaptation of the best-selling book. We may never know where the 1996 movie fits in.

Both the play and the film are headed by the same creative team, Matthew, Tim and Dennis, providing a seamless transition from stage to screen.

It’s true that numbers like When I Grow Up and Revolting Children don’t have the same impact they did on stage.

This is undeniably part of the sacrifice that must be made for every musical adaptation, unfortunately, but it still packs enough punch to leave audiences wanting to start a revolution.

However, the film more than makes up for it as audiences are treated to a visual extravaganza aided by CGI and movie magic that would not have been possible on stage, with a few surprises for even the most avid musical theater fans. .

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And it’s not just the three leads that tie this film together, as the incredible cast deserves some praise as well.

Whether it’s 13-year-old Alisha Weir fending off Emma Thompson with prosthetics or Lashana Lynch showing off her singing chops after countless action movies, the leads are immaculate.

Lashana’s candid portrayal of Ms. Honey is outrageously good when you consider that last month audiences were introduced to her as one of the terrifying Agojie warriors in The Woman King.

Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough also make a hilarious couple as Matilda’s parents, while the sensational ensemble of over 200 child actors is a true sight to behold.


There’s a reason Emma Thompson herself has described the young crew as “Trojans.”

For fans of musical theater who can’t get into the West End or Broadway, Matilda the Musical is the saving grace we needed after the disaster that was the film Dear Evan Hansen.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is another perfectly situated kids’ movie for the holiday season, as it has something for every audience member.

Children can revel in the incredible sights, sounds and story of Matilda, while the intense storytelling acts almost like therapy for an adult’s inner child.

The explosion of nostalgia is unparalleled with new intricacies and details added to make the story new once again.

Get ready to cry, laugh and have Tim’s musical symphonies playing in your head for the rest of the festive season.

Matilda the Musical opens in theaters on November 25.

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