Matchmaker Pairs Kylie Jenner With An Unexpected Star As Cracks Emerge In Relationship With Travis Scott

Travis Scott might not be the one for Kylie Jenner, and Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of exclusive pairing, explained why to Nicki Swift. “When it comes to the on-and-off relationship with Travis, where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” Trombetti told us exclusively. “This isn’t the first time this woman has been rumored… It’s a shame because Kylie and Travis have two children and seem to be a strong family unit.” Trombetti is referring to the 2019 split between Jenner and Scott, where Rojean Kar was first implicated, according to Y! news.

Trombetti said Jenner would have nothing to worry about if she ended her relationship with Scott. She is young, beautiful and shows maturity as a mother. “[H]How many young women do you know who are getting by like this with 2 kids, a strong relationship, and also extremely successful in multiple businesses?” Trombetti said.

The relationship guru suggested that Jenner set her sights on actor Kofi Siriboe. Siriboe is famous for his roles in the Serie “Queen Sugar” and “Insecure”. Trombetti said of Siriboe: “He is not new to this Hollywood machine, and he would make a good match. He is age appropriate for him, but more importantly he knows how to keep his private life private.” . Trombetti said Siriboe has class and stays out of the spotlight. “You always need attraction, and I’m sure that would multiply tenfold. He’s a respectable, handsome guy.”

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