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Mary-Kate Olsen married Olivier Sarkozy in November 2015 in a small ceremony at a private home on 49th Street in New York. page six informed. The unlikely couple invited around 50 guests to celebrate their union. To ensure the privacy of their wedding, Olsen and Sarkozy had each guest hand in their cell phone at the door. But his strategy was not foolproof, as an anonymous source revealed some of the details, including a description of the unusual decoration.

The pair reportedly set out “bowls and bowls full of cigarettes, and they all smoked all night,” the source told Page Six. In addition to smoking, attendees enjoyed drinks in a back garden before heading inside for an intimate dinner. Cigarettes might be an odd — and maybe even offensive — feature to include at a wedding, but fans probably weren’t surprised.

Mary-Kate’s smoking habit has long been a topic of interest, and the former child star has come under fire for smoking at formal events, such as the 2018 Creative Time Gala.”[She was] sitting in her seat and smoking a real cigarette…At a gala that’s $1,500 a ticket, and she’s just smoking inside because she’s a billionaire and can do whatever she wants,” a source said. page six. While some are distraught over Sister Olsen’s habit, others find it soothing. “My self-care when I’m sick is to Google ‘Mary Kate and Ashley smoking,'” Rachel Handler of Vulture tweeted.

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