Martin Brundle disagrees with Hamilton on Vettel after F1 farewell

Martin Brundle does not expect Sebastian Vettel to return to F1, despite Lewis Hamilton’s certainty that the legendary German driver will return to the grid. Vettel said an emotional goodbye to the paddock at the season finale in Abu Dhabi after a historic 16-year spell in the sport.

The four-time F1 champion claimed a point for Aston Martin in his last race at the Yas Marina circuit after confirming his retirement earlier in the season. Vettel was undoubtedly one of the most admired figures on the grid and this was highlighted by the brilliant farewell he received from his teammates in Abu Dhabi.

F1 drivers have lauded the German for his profound impact on the sport for more than a decade and a half. Vettel then showed off his popularity when hundreds of people who work in F1 joined him for a jog around the track the night before his last hurrah in Sunday’s race.

Vettel has various interests outside of F1 and his desire to spend more time with his young family influenced his decision to walk away. And Sky Sports pundit Brundle believes it will be the last time we see Vettl in an F1 seat, as he referenced the contrast with former champion Fernando Alonso’s return to the sport.

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And the seven-time champion is adamantly opposed to Brundle’s opinion, as he is even willing to ‘put his money in’ for his old rival to return after a sabbatical.

“We always had big battles,” said Hamilton, while in Vettel’s company. “He was sitting here thinking that most drivers will come back. You will probably come back. You will come back. Formula 1 has a way of sucking you back in.”

“I don’t think it’s a ‘farewell show,’ it’s a ‘see you later,’ because he’s coming back. I’m going to bet my money he’s coming back, just take a sabbatical, like one.” year, maybe two years tops, and then come back.

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