Martin Brundle accuses Christian Horner of ‘performance’

Martin Brundle has been taken aback by Christian Horner’s explanation of Red Bull’s budget cap breach. Horner claimed that Red Bull had “categorically” failed to gain any performance advantage over its rivals despite spending over the budget cap.

However, Brundle was confused by the comments, as he suggested that money being overspent in one non-race department would mean more cash could be used in other areas. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he said: “I thought it was a very good performance from Christian. I don’t think it can affect performance because otherwise he has money to spend elsewhere.”

His comments came after Horner defended the team’s actions at the team’s main press conference ahead of qualifying. After being questioned about the infringement, Horner said Red Bull had “absolutely” not gained any advantage over its rivals.

He explained: “The thing to look at is what are the relevant costs and what are the relevant costs inside and outside the boundary. That’s where the interpretation comes from. Our opinion is that our relevant costs are within the limit.

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“We are in discussions with the FIA ​​about what those costs are and what are the possible mitigating circumstances etc. Cap.

Our presentation was significantly below the limit. We expected that certain things would be challenged or clarified in the process in a new set of regulations. He added: “Absolutely and categorically we don’t feel like we had any advantage in 2021 or 2022 or 23′ or 24.”

Red Bull’s rivals responded to Red Bull’s claims with many suggesting that any overspending could lead to on-track profits. McLaren boss Zak Brown has been one of the most vocal, claiming that spending more would constitute “cheating”.

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In a leaked letter, the McLaren CEO stressed that a team spending more money would have an “unfair advantage” over its competitors. Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff also claimed breaking the limit could have had a “huge impact” on last year’s title fight.

Red Bull’s sanction for breaching F1’s budget cap has yet to be announced by the FIA. The penalty is believed unlikely to be anything substantial, as the team did not exceed the limit by more than five percent.

But, Brown has pushed for Red Bull to lose 20 per cent of its CFD and wind tunnel testing permit. Meanwhile, Ted Kravitz has also suggested that other team bosses are calling for Red Bull to be kicked out of the constructors’ standings and forfeit its prize money.

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