Martha Stewart Gives Her Unfiltered Opinion On Dating Pete Davidson

Drew Barrymore and Martha Stewart are single women, so Barrymore decided to have some fun during Stewart’s October 25 appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show”. Both women received a red flag, a yellow flag, and a green flag, with Barrymore asking Stewart to raise the corresponding banner in response to each question. Clever? First question: Would Stewart be open to dating a person with as many tattoos as Pete Davidson? Without hesitation, Stewart waved the green flag at him. What about dating Pete Davidson himself? Stewart didn’t miss a beat raising that green flag again. “He’s dated so many women,” Stewart said, which, for the record, he doesn’t think is a bad thing. “And he’s kind of cute. Everybody loves him. I know him.” stewart recalled Davidson acting like a “little idiot” at Justin Bieber’s roast with her. (Bieber, by the way, is another young man Stewart finds quite adorable.)

Actually, it’s not the first time Stewart has been asked about a possible romance with Davidson. In August 2022, she laughed at her suggestion by daily mail, saying that he is, “like the son I never had!” We’ll see about that, right?

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