Married pop and rock stars are TWICE as likely to get divorced: study

Top actors and sports stars are also more likely to break up than non-celebrities, but musicians top divorce charts.

Researchers at the Marriage Foundation have been tracking nearly 500 A-list celebrities who were married between 2001 and 2010 in ceremonies that appeared in Hello or similar magazines.

The study found that six in 10 marriages involving musicians ended in divorce, compared to three in 10 marriages involving non-celebrities.

Stars of stage and screen fared marginally better with a divorce rate of five in 10, while sports stars and other celebrities had a divorce rate of four in 10.

In a report released today, the Marriage Foundation warns that being famous seems to put a special strain on relationships.

It read: “It’s easy to imagine a celebrity world where everyone fawns over you and tells you how cool you are. It’s also easy to imagine a celebrity world filled with alluring alternatives that provide temptation and opportunity.”

Harry Benson, director of research at the Marriage Foundation, said: “Being famous puts pressure on a marriage, especially when couples are separated for long periods.

“The second lesson is for the management companies and the legions of agents, publicists, etc., that surround these celebrities about the need to do more to support them.”

However, the study also found that celebrities who manage to stay together for at least 16 years actually have a lower divorce rate than the general public.

Benson added: “For those celebrities who make it through the first few years of marriage, the rewards are clear. For those married for 18 years, they have a divorce rate half that seen in the general public. This is good news for those couples and good news for marriage.”

For those of us who live more ordinary lives, having a reasonable income helps keep a relationship together, while couples who struggle over money are more likely to break up.

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