Margot Robbie sets the record straight in these viral photos of her crying – Nicki Swift

Photos don’t always tell the full or real story. In an interview for vanity fairIn the December 2022/January 2023 issue, Margot Robbie cleared up her distraught appearance when she reportedly left Cara Delevingne’s house in September. According to the “Amsterdam” star, she simply had her hands full. “She had something in her eye. She was trying to grab my face mask, trying to hold a cup of coffee, and she couldn’t get a hair out of my eye,” Robbie explained.

It wasn’t just fans who were fooled by the tabloid photos. Even Robbie’s mother became concerned for her and Delevingne’s well-being after seeing the photos and called her daughter to see if they were okay. As Robbie told her, “‘First of all, yes and yes. And second of all, I’m not at Cara’s house, I’m outside an Airbnb I was renting for five days! And I’m not crying!’ If Robbie is telling the truth (and honestly, why wouldn’t he be?), the sources couldn’t have been more wrong.

Nonetheless, Robbie’s friendship with Delevingne is trustworthy and enduring. While filming 2016’s “Suicide Squad” together, the actors became so close that Delevingne even let Robbie tattoo big toe. During a July 2016 appearance on “Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon”, the Australian native, a tattoo artist just by hobby, shared: “We did toe-mojis, we called them, where we tattooed the bottom of our toes with, like, little faces.”

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