Mandy Moore recovers from giving birth to her second child with long-debated trend

Mandy Moore shares how she’s consuming her placenta for her postpartum routine. As she recovers from having her second baby, Ozzie, Moore shared a photo of herself holding a bottle of placenta pills in her instagram story. The bottle was labeled with the message: “Made by you for you. Filled with… your placenta and lots of love.” He also mentioned that this was his second round of placenta pills from the brand. The feel-good company. “Round 2 with @feelgoodplacenta,” Moore wrote.

as pointed out happier babyEating placenta can decrease pain, improve mood, and help new moms with milk production. The site also notes that certain drawbacks can result from this practice, including potential exposure to harmful bacteria.

during it Informed Pregnancy Podcast interview, Moore noted that she also ate the placenta from her own pregnancy. In addition, she said that she was “so mesmerized” and “so moved” to see her placenta emerge. On October 26, Moore posted a photo of herself, her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and their two children while Gus happily cares for Ozzie. Moore captioned the image, “Gus enjoying his role as Big Bro.”

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