M3GAN Cast: M3GAN Actor And Where Have You Seen The Cast Of The Movie Before

M3GAN hit theaters this month and continued the tradition of an iconic horror film that took over the box office in January. The picture follows a girl, Cady, whose parents are killed in a car accident, leaving her in the care of her aunt, Gemma. As a robotics specialist, she tries to solve Cady’s loneliness by building a robot companion, M3GAN. However, things quickly go wrong with the creepy artificially intelligent doll.

Who is in the cast of M3GAN?

Amie Donald plays M3GAN, sort of.

Amie Donald is a 13-year-old actress from New Zealand. When M3GAN isn’t being manipulated by puppets and special effects, Amie dresses up as a killer robot. This allowed M3GAN to feature her dance moves and more physical scenes within the film. While most of the M3GAN scenes in the film involve practical and special effects, Amie also takes on much of the film.

Violet McGraw plays Cady.

Cady is the young protagonist of M3GAN. Violet, the American actress, may have been recognized by Marvel fans as she previously starred in Black Widow. Violet played a young Yelena Belova in the prequel starring Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh. She is also a veteran of horror movies, having previously appeared in Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep and William Brent Bell’s creepathon Separation on Netflix. The young actor also played the young version of Nell in The Haunting of Hill House.

Violet recently revealed that she would talk to M3GAN and interact with her in real life between takes. She said: “Well, working alongside a robot became easier as the days went by because I started to get closer to M3GAN. I would have conversations with her and just talk to her. There are some scenes in the movie where I’m just saying things to her and wishing it was real.”

Allison Williams plays Gemma.

Allison Williams is Cady’s aunt in the scary picture and is the start of M3GAN. As a robotics specialist, she is eager to bring the creature to life in the most realistic way possible. Horror fans may recognize Allison from the 2017 Oscar-winning film Get Out, which was directed by Jordan Peele. In the film, she played Rose Armitage, the young woman who convinced Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris to come to Armitage’s house to be captured.

“I thought Gemma was amazing,” she recently said of her character. “I loved the idea of ​​playing someone who’s obsessed with what she’s doing (super bright, cool) who’s never given much thought to life, a family she wants to start, having kids or anything like that. It’s like really in his work”.

M3GAN is already in theaters.

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