Liverpool may have played a role in Everton Kudus’ goal eyeing Dortmund

The 22-year-old admitted Everton were a ‘great opportunity’, although given their reputation for boosting players’ careers, Dortmund will now be better. Kudus will undoubtedly have Ajax boss Alfred Schreuder to thank for developing him, especially the way he convinced the player to stay with the club.

Speaking about the striker after the transfer window closed, Schreuder said: “In the pre-season, I already saw a good striker in him. But he consciously didn’t want to reveal that too soon. For him to emerge like this is great. He sees himself more and more in this role. During the period that Everton wanted him, I told him: ‘You will continue to be very important to us.’

“That has come true. And I have also told him to think less about the positions, and especially about the possibilities on the pitch. To have a completely different kind of striker than (physicist number nine Brian) Brobbey, I see that as a huge luxury.”

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