Lisa Marie Presley Age – How old was Lisa Marie when Elvis died

“I couldn’t tame Elvis,” Priscilla continued. “And I accepted it. He didn’t really have much to do with practical things, but I took it naturally on becoming a mother. I thought, ‘My God, this is a product of Elvis and me, and I’m going to be there for her. The moment you have the child, everything changes. It’s scary and beautiful and it changed my life and brought me and Elvis closer.”

Lisa, despite being very young when her father died, said that he was “there for her” in a new way, but as she gets older, she understands some of the tough issues he went through.

She told Variety: “I think [childhood adoration] it is locked away forever and nothing can change it. And then, on the other hand, I’m going through what I’ve been through, and I know what he’s been through, and the older I get, the more I can relate to the obstacles he had and the concerns he had. I can relate to them more, much more. I understand more as I get older… I know he always supported me. And that kind of ceased; I never had that again.”

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