Lewis Hamilton responds to whether it’s the F1 GOAT on Michael Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton has refused to accept suggestions that he is the greatest Formula One driver, stating that he prefers to speak on the track. Statistically speaking, the Briton is the most successful driver in history, far ahead of Michael Schumacher, and debate has naturally been rife over which of the two was the better driver.

Hamilton’s statistics within Formula One speak for themselves. The 37-year-old has won 103 races, more than anyone in the history of the sport. He is tied with Schumacher for the number of world titles won, with both taking seven. He also holds the record for most pole positions, most podiums and most laps led.

These numbers mean on paper that he is the best of all time, but there is still intense debate surrounding the status of GOAT given that Hamilton has had the chance to race in more Grands Prix than his predecessors. The likes of Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Jim Clark are regularly compared to the Mercedes man with a general consensus on who is the best yet to really break through.

Now, Hamilton has responded to the debate by suggesting that he prefers to talk on the track, rather than be embroiled in questions about who is the best. The 37-year-old insisted that he has always been like this, taking the lead from his father, Anthony.

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Another record Hamilton has set is the most consecutive seasons within the sport with at least one race win. The number currently stands at 15, dating back to his debut year with McLaren in 2007. However, he is at serious risk of the run coming to an end with no Grand Prix wins yet this season with just three events to go. .

The Formula One GOAT debate is likely to go on forever, but it’s interesting to note that Hamilton doesn’t seem too drawn to it at the current stage of his career.

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