Lewis Hamilton mocks Sebastian Vettel’s offer for Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has hinted that he would offer Sebastian Vettel to drive a Mercedes when he retires from F1 in a hilarious exchange of press conferences. Vettel will leave F1 after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but Lewis Hamilton has refused to accept the German leaving for good.

When asked to describe his favorite memories of racing with Vettel, Hamilton revealed that he hopes his old rival can return. He said: “Honestly, we always had great battles and I was sitting here thinking, most of the drivers will come back.

Pointing to Fernando Alonso, Hamilton continued: “He’s back. You will probably come back. We have seen other drivers come back. I’m here accepting ‘yes, it’s your last race’, but it will come back.

“Formula One has a way of sucking you back in. We’ve noticed it with so many other drivers.” Vettel was quick to respond: “We can make a deal. We can talk outside. When you want to leave, maybe I want to come back.”

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“It would have been a big problem because Lewis was their number one and I’m not sure if they would have liked to have both of us in the team. But he didn’t have much interest at the time either because he was very committed to Ferrari. That was my dream to make that thing work. So you talk to each other, but it wasn’t really serious.”

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