Lewis Hamilton makes retirement plans after talks with sports stars

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he will channel his efforts into running his own film and television production company when he finally decides to end his Formula One career. The 37-year-old remains tied to Mercedes until the end of 2023 as things stand, but has insisted previously in which he hopes to continue racing for at least a few more years as he pursues a record eighth title in the Drivers’ Championship.

However, Hamilton already appears to be planning a life away from the paddock, having established Dawn Apollo Films with the aim of focusing entirely on the company when he is no longer behind the wheel. he explained in an interview with Term that he believes it’s important to find other passions after speaking with many former athletes who struggled to get ahead after retiring from their respective sports.

“When I stop competing, which I don’t plan to do for a while [as] I still feel like I’m in a good place, I want everything to be perfect,” said Hamilton.

“I want to be able to move to full focus on Dawn Apollo Films and be able to jump to a level similar to what I’m used to. I’ve talked to people who have said, ‘Look, when I stopped everything from falling apart, I wasn’t ready to do other things, no I had taken the time to learn other trades, other skills, and I don’t know what my other passions are.

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Dawn Apollo Films already has two projects in the works, one of which is a documentary on Hamilton’s life expected to be released in late 2023 or early 2024. The other is an F1-themed film starring Brad Pitt. , whose filming is ready to begin. on race weekends during the second half of next season.

“I’ve always loved movies,” added Hamilton. “I watch a lot. I find it to be a real escape. There are a lot of movies that I find inspiring and I’ve always dreamed of one day doing something in this space.


“I was often asked if I would act. I’ve been very lucky to be an F1 driver, so I never had time to pursue the art of acting, but a dream of mine has been to tell stories. I sat down with my team, and asked: ‘What would it take for us to start a production company?’

“I wandered around and met a variety of producers and filmmakers in Los Angeles just to gain some insight, one of them being Jeffrey Katzenberg. The goal is to make impactful stories and ultimately inspire people through film and storytelling.” A big part of the new company will be focused on social impact, community and causes, that’s very important to me.”

However, Hamilton is still racing for now, which means his film ambitions will have to be put on hold until his F1 career comes to an end sometime later. He will be desperately hoping to grab another Drivers’ Championship title before he finally decides to retire, as he looks to become the most successful driver of all time by beating Michael Schumacher’s long-standing record.

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