Lewis Hamilton issues a warning to Max Verstappen at the Mexican GP

Lewis Hamilton has sent a warning to Max Verstappen by emphasizing that Mercedes now “knows where the car is wrong”. The seven-time champion emphasized that the Silver Arrows are now aware of what they need to do to improve the package for 2023.

The Briton warned that the team would “take the energy” of not securing a win to ensure next year’s car was a success. He said: “There is hope there, there is a lot of focus. We know where the car is wrong, it’s not great.

“We know where we have to put it to make it better. So that’s the kind of approach [is].” Mercedes introduced further improvements to the United States Grand Prix last weekend in a bid to close the gap until the end of the season.

The changes seemed to work with Hamilton in the fight for victory against Verstappen in Austin.

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The German manufacturer confirmed that the changes were the last updates of the season, as the focus now turns to next season’s design. But, with a clear focus on what’s wrong with the W13, the team is clearly optimistic for the next iteration.

Hamilton made the comments when asked by Ted Kravitz if the Mercedes team deserved to win a race this season. Hamilton, 37, added: “Honestly, I think the whole circus, all the teams and everyone in all the teams have been working flat out this year.

“In terms of who deserves more than another, I can only comment on my team, seeing how hard and deep everyone is focused and incredibly determined. Of course they deserve success, but this year we didn’t do the job that the others had done.

“But it would be a great blessing if we get a win. I think the emotions that would arise would be immeasurable.”

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff also clarified that the team had finally resolved the issue at last weekend’s United States Grand Prix. The Austrian also suggested the problem stemmed from a decision the team made about his ride heights late last season.

He explained: “I think now we understand more, what we did wrong with the car. We can almost trace it back to a single decision last October, we thought we could drive the car on the platform, but you can’t, so it’s a little hamster-step level.

“As long as the trajectory goes up, even with small negative reactions, I think we are on a good path.”

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