Lewis Hamilton has no regrets about owning the Denver Broncos

Lewis Hamilton has said he has no regrets about becoming the owner of the NFL franchise, the Denver Broncos, despite the team’s losing streak. The Mercedes driver was part of a consortium that took over the three-time Super Bowl champions over the summer, but the team has not performed well since the takeover.

Hamilton was an investor within the Walter-Penner group, whose takeover bid was unanimously accepted last August. The deal was the most expensive sports franchise, nearly doubling the previous record set by the New York Mets baseball team.

However, his start to the new season under new ownership has been less than impressive. The Broncos have lost five of their first seven games, including each of their last four. Hamilton participated in his first in-person game since taking office earlier this month, but was disappointed the team lost 19-16 to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Despite the Broncos’ poor performances, Hamilton has insisted he has no regrets about buying the team given his love of the sport and his desire to address black inequality.

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“There is a real lack of black property and you know, black equity. I’m really pushing for diversity constantly. There is much work to be done”.

Hamilton hopes to do better than his NFL franchise recently when he takes to the track for the Mexican Grand Prix this weekend. The Briton is still trying to protect his proud record of winning a race in every Formula One season he has competed in, but any hopes for him appear to be fading with just three races remaining this year.

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