Lewis Hamilton could ‘face a grid penalty’ as FIA confirms investigation

However, a sheriff did not wave a red flag until the Mercedes driver had turned the corner. Moments later, Damon Hill defended Hamilton, suggesting it would have been difficult for the seven-time champion to change his actions. Hill added: “He was already moving, he couldn’t slow down.”

Jenson Button felt that a grid penalty would greatly damage Hamilton’s race as he aims to secure his first win of the season. The 2009 champion also hinted that he might have made the mistake himself, as it looked like a caution.

He told Sky Sports F1: “To me it looked like it was a yellow flag… There is a yellow flag on the right hand side. you didn’t see [the red flag] like a red light board from the front. It doesn’t look red, it looks yellow. On the back of the board was red. So it should have been red, but it looked like the front of the dash was yellow.”

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