Lewis Hamilton calls Sebastian Vettel a “nuisance”

Lewis Hamilton called Sebastian Vettel a “nuisance” when referring to the pair’s crash at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Vettel intentionally crashed into the side of the Mercedes driver in Baku after he believed Hamilton had given him a braking test.

The incident came as the pair were fighting for the title for the first time with Vettel’s Ferrari 12 points ahead of Hamilton to start the weekend. The accident was brought up in conversation when Hamilton was asked to pay tribute to Vettel ahead of his last Grand Prix this weekend.

The seven-time champion said: “I was a bit annoying back then.” Vettel replied: “I think Baku for me was not a great moment because what I did was not right. But really from then on.”

Hamilton chimed in: “Our friendship got better.” Vettel replied: “Yes, much better. So I don’t want that not to happen if you understand what I mean.”

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Hamilton added: “I agree. I agree. We always had great battles.” Vettel previously claimed the incident was the “worst feeling” of 2017 despite having passed the Briton in the dramatic race.

However, he lost the world championship after costly mistakes in Singapore and Japan. Vettel received a penalty during the race, but the FIA ​​decided not to penalize him further after the German took responsibility and apologized for Vettel’s involvement.

After the race Vettel explained: “I want to apologize directly to Lewis, as well as to all the people who were watching the race. I realize he wasn’t setting a good example. At no time did I intend to endanger Lewis, but I understand that I caused a dangerous situation. Therefore, I would like to apologize to the FIA.”

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Hamilton was furious after the crash, calling Vettel’s actions “disgusting”. The Mercedes star also criticized the race stewards for refusing to take a tougher stance after the collision.

He commented, “The fact that that’s the only kind of result [the penalty] you could get from such disgusting driving, that means for the whole paddock we can all drive like that and you can still get fourth and still get away with it.”

Vettel is set to retire from F1 after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after announcing he would step away from the sport earlier this season. Meanwhile, Hamilton is still looking to maintain his streak of winning a Grand Prix in every season since 2007 after George Russell won in Brazil last weekend.

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