Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen will compete in the ‘greatest race in history’

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen could compete in the “greatest race in history” next year when F1 comes to Las Vegas for the first time in 41 years in 2023. The American city hosted races in 1981 and 1982, but when When the sport returns next year it will be the first time drivers have raced at the iconic venue at night.

Hamilton and Verstappen, both signed by Mercedes and Red Bull respectively for next year, will compete in Las Vegas for the first time in 2023 after F1 confirmed the first race would take place in November. It will be the third race next year in the United States, after Miami and Texas, after the latter was the scene of the last race of this season, where Verstappen edged out Hamilton and Red Bull clinched the Constructors’ Championship.

Former Indy500 driver Willy T Ribbs couldn’t contain his excitement at the prospect of next year’s race in Las Vegas, making a bold statement about the event. “To be able to see those cars going 200-plus miles per hour down the boulevard in Las Vegas, that’s a treat, and at night,” Ribbs said. Any monday driven.

“So the cars are going to go very fast, there will be a lot of sparks. It will undoubtedly be the most important race in history. It’s not a Formula 1 race, it will be the biggest race in history.”

Although Verstappen has warned that some drivers on the grid may need a two-week break after racing in America’s party capital.

“I think some drivers might not wake up for the race itself,” Verstappen joked. “Let’s not do back to back for this one, let’s give it a two week break before and after.”

Asked if Verstappen will need a week of detox before the race on the iconic strip, he added: “If you call it a detox, yes. It’s going to be fun.”

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