Lawyers agree Tory Lanez’s house arrest exposes her red flags ahead of Megan Thee Stallion’s trial

tribes of rachel Y Joshua Ritter agrees that it is important for the judge to order Tory Lanez house arrest because it means he is sufficiently convinced that Lanez could be dangerous or a flight risk. “Usually they approach things by increasing bail money,” Ritter explained, “but here they felt she has the means to serve a high bail, so they wanted more protections for public safety.”

So does that mean good news for Megan Thee Stallion and bad news for Lanez? According to Fiset and Ritter, it could, but not necessarily. Fiset noted that the house arrest warrant may not make it to the jury, but it does indicate that the judge appears to accept the prosecution’s noncompliance argument. “That could help the prosecution on requests that are entirely up to the judge: pre-trial orders and things like that,” Fiset said. He added: “Once a judge determines that a defendant is in default, he can give more weight to the prosecution’s arguments.” As far as the legal details go, Ritter doesn’t think the house arrest warrant alone says much about how strong the prosecution’s case is, just that they seem concerned about this particular defendant.

For his part, Lanez also seems concerned, saying on the Off The Record podcast (via yahoo! News), “I’m on a cold case and maybe I’ll make this look really beautiful, but I’m facing 24 years,” he said. “Like, this is not a play-and-play situation.”


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