LadBaby Announces Star-Studded Band Aid Parody For 2022 Christmas Song

LadBaby continued: “We knew we needed to recruit an icon to launch this year’s campaign, and we’re very excited to announce that people’s champion and fellow Trussell Trust supporter Martin Lewis will be joining us on the runway this year. . An exciting array of yet-to-be-announced musical collaborators will also be announced in due course! We HAVE to do whatever it takes to build a future where we can all afford to go to sleep with a full stomach. We hope everyone can support us as much as they can!”

Martin Lewis said: “When Mark and Roxanne contacted me out of the blue asking if I would join them at Food Aid, I thought they had me mistaken for someone else. The closest I’ve come to thinking of a Christmas number one is going to the bathroom on Boxing Day after having too much orange juice the day before. However, once I found out they were serious, and that it was for the Trussell Trust, a very important charity that I have a history with, I decided to give it a go and go for it with enthusiasm. This has been a difficult year for many, prices have skyrocketed. Advice charities and food banks are inundated. Deficit budgeting is becoming more common, which means that even after everything has been cut to a minimum, people still have less income than they spend. It’s going to be a harsh winter and things probably won’t get much better in 2023. So the need to help and support people struggling across the UK runs deep. Hopefully this LadBaby song and the lyrics to it will raise some money and awareness.”

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