KSI claims it would beat Floyd Mayweather after Deji’s stoppage

KSI has stated that he believes he would beat Floyd Mayweather if they fought after watching his younger brother take on the legendary American boxer in Dubai last weekend. Deji was Mayweather’s last exhibition opponent after a series of fights against celebrities.

It was a comfortable night for the king of defensive boxing, who was gloating and bragging between rounds and apparently having a blast in the ring against Deji. The KSI brother has had four professional fights, losing three of them, against Alex Wassabi and Vinnie Hacker, as well as Mayweather, while he also lost in an amateur fight to Jake Paul.

According to the statistics, Deji was able to throw 25 jabs against Mayweather, three less than Logan Paul in 2021, but the British YouTuber was able to give Mayweather a black eye, which was immediately apparent in the American’s post-fight interview. Many have accused Mayweather of not throwing punches and missing on purpose, with the 45-year-old smiling and choosing not to throw while Deji had been in precarious positions throughout the fight.

KSI had been in the audience to witness his brother’s fight, but was not seen anywhere near rival Jake Paul, who dropped out of the fight before the main event, claiming that Mayweather would not fight unless Paul left. When he returned home, KSI was asked about his reaction to the fight and stated that he would beat Mayweather if he had the chance.

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