Kourtney Kardashian’s Las Vegas Wedding Didn’t End on a Good Note

Do you remember when Kourtney Kardashian confessed to having “some tequila” before your wedding? Well, she later admitted that she consumed enough to erase certain parts of the ceremony from her mind. “I passed out… I didn’t remember Elvis singing to me walking down the aisle,” she said on the Oct. 27 episode of “The Kardashians” (via too fabulous). Kourtney also explained why she ended up on her back at the altar, saying the Elvis Presley impersonator made her hysterical by calling her by Khloé Kardashian’s first name. (Well, at least she made a valiant attempt to keep up with the Kardashians before meeting one in person!)

Fortunately, Kourtney survived the ceremony before the tequila gave her a gross wedding gift. “However, I threw up afterwards, took off my top and unbuttoned my pants and had to walk back through the hotel with a million people taking my picture,” she recalled. “I was a hot fucking kebab.” Her disapproving mother Kris Jenner was baffled why Kourtney would want to get married while she was “drunk as a skunk” and throwing up, but Kourtney and Travis Barker finally had a new wedding when they flew to Portofino, Italy. with her loved ones in May, for People. While Kourt couldn’t remember an Elvis impersonator serenading her, he hopefully won’t soon forget Andrea Bocelli performing the King’s classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love” at her wedding reception.

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